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Interviews on the creative process, from photographers with vision, expertise, and knowledge to share and inspire.

Catalyst: Interviews are from photographic creatives that support knowledge and community, and provide vision and inspiration in their pursuits. Contained here are the thoughts, ideas, and the efforts of those who have excelled in their medium. They are starting points and roads to travel, in search of your own process and goals.

Catalyst: Interviews is born out of my own thirst for knowledge, as well as a deep curiosity for the creative process. Using the word catalyst simply denotes the fact that at a point in our creative lives there was a spark, an instance of passion for the medium that started us down a path to image-making. How others create their work and projects is something I’ve always appreciated and learned from. In addition, I can recall giving interviews for blogs and publications in the past, and realizing that as I was doing them, I was also learning about myself and becoming even more connected to what I was doing as a photographic artist. Questions about our work, our process, or ourselves are often triggers to a deeper understanding of what we do. This site is my concept for housing this knowledge as a way for others to learn from.

Catalyst: Interviews